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A rad client with great energy that needed a new design direction. See how we took their creative from bland to beautiful and increased click through rates by 18%.


  • Email, 
  • Social, 
  • Web UI/UX

The Challenge

Get Back had great photography that truly embodied their brand but was being used in uninspiring layouts. Email design lacked a consistent funnel, type was often small, and buttons got lost in the mix.

The Results

Our focus was to simplify email content into easily digestible sections that catch the customers eye. We quickly found that shorter emails performed better with their target audience. Their good vibes photography paired well with large type and obvious CTA’s, driving an 18% increased click through rate in the first month.


increase in email click through rates

" ...truly passionate about your brand’s success."

One of the main hats I wear is speaking with designers for everything from product development to branding. What I've learned is that there are many designers who are talented and pleasant to work with, but it's rare to find one who is truly passionate about your brand's success. When you find someone like that, each project flows better because they become an extension of your team. That's Jordan. He's as technically sound as they come, he's great at communicating a project from start to finish, he meets every deadline, and we just keep turning to him for more and more.

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